Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Missy on ABC and Fox Chicago Morning Shows

During the Women's U.S. Open, I had the opportunity to promote the tournament by appearing on the ABC 7 Chicago morning show. Diandra Asbaty and I went to the station's studio, which was situated in the middle of downtown Chicago.

The LIVE segment focused on the tournament and highlighted the sport of bowling. We gave station anchor Tracy a few bowling tips, which she then utilized on our carpet bowling lane.

Then the following morning, Fox news did several LIVE teasers and segments from the Brunswick XL bowling center that hosted the Women's U.S. Open. I gave bowling tips to the news anchor, while he demonstrated (successfully) on the lanes.

Stay tuned for the video clips... =)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Listen to Missy's Interview on the "Let's Go Bowling Show"

Click on the following link to hear Missy's interview on the "Let's Go Bowling Show"

(On "Listen Page 5" - Scroll down and click on Missy Bellinder and the interview is 21 minutes into the segment.)

Enjoy! =)

Missy Makes the PBA Women's Series

This week I competed in the Women's U.S. Open at Brunswick XL bowling center in Romeoville, IL.

We competed on four different PBA patterns throughout the week: Viper, Scorpion, Shark and Chameleon. We bowled 8 games a day on each of the 4 patterns for a total of 32 games of qualifying. After 32 games, the top 16 women made the quarter finals television show.

Running simultaneously with the Women's U.S. Open competition was the qualifier for the PBA Women's Series. The top 12 women that entered the additional PBA Tour Trials would earn berths on this upcoming season's mini tour.

The last day of qualifying we competed on the Chameleon pattern. With one game to go, the race for the top 16 spots on the TV show and the top 12 women's series spots was nail bitingly close.

I ended up falling short for the top 16 TV show finals for the Women's U.S. Open.

However, I shot a big last game -245 and doubled in the 10th frame of that game to secure the final spot into the PBA Women's Series.

Therefore, I will be competing in seven PBA Women Series tournaments running alongside the PBA tour. The season starts in October.

One interesting fact about this week, is that throughout the 32 games of qualifying, I didn't miss one single-pin spare. See spares do matter!

Stay tuned for the PBA Women's Series starting with the first tournament in Omaha, NE October 29-November 2.