Thursday, August 28, 2014

Missy Comes in 5th Place at the 2014 Queens

This year at the 2014 USBC Queens event in Reno, Nev. Missy Parkin qualified for the LIVE televised finals in the No. 5 position.

En route to the TV show, Missy qualified for the top 32 bracket style double-elimination 3-game total pinfall finals. Missy then went on to win her first 3 matches in matchplay, remaining in the winners bracket. She defeated  Daphne Tan of Singapore 645-625, Debbie Ayers of San Diego 661-642 and then collegiate star T'nia Falbo 741-622.

Missy then lost to Colombian native Maria Rodriguez 579-621. Losing that match put Missy into the final 4-player elimination match, with the top 3 of the 4 players advancing to the TV finals along with top seed Maria Rodriguez and No. 2 seed Tannya Roumimper of Indonesia.

Starting off a little shaky, Missy came back in the match to shoot 689 and clench the No. 5 seed. Jen Higgins claimed the No. 3 seed with 736 and Kelly Kulick rounded out the top 5 in the No. 4 seed spot with a 703.

On the TV show, Missy faced Kelly Kulick of Union, N.J. in the first match. Missy started with an early open and then strung 5 strikes in a row to get back into the match using the new Columbia 300 N'Sane Antics. Meanwhile, Kulick fired back with the first 7 strikes in a row. Kulick went on to defeat Parkin 255-220.

Congratulations to Maria Rodriguez who went on the win the 2014 USBC Queens event defeating Kelly Kulick 190-189

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