Friday, November 2, 2012

Missy Competing in World Series of Bowling

This week, I will be competing in the season opening PBA World Series of Bowling at the Southpoint Bowling Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The tournament officially starts tomorrow with the Alka Seltzer Plus Cold Cheetah Championship. I am on B squad for the tournament.

To stay up-to-date with the scores, click here.

If you want extended, in depth coverage of the entire World Series of Bowling, Xtra Frame, the PBA's online live streaming video system is offering a variety of packages for purchase. There's a daily subscription for $3.99, a monthly subscription for $7.99 and a yearly subscription for $64.99

For more information on Xtra Frame, click here.

Also, the TV tapings for the PBA World Series of Bowling will begin on Saturday, November 10th. I am top seed for the World Bowling Tour finals TV show, which is the first TV taping of the PBA World Series of Bowling. If you'd like to come and watch the TV show LIVE, click here for ticket information.

Missy Maintains Top Seed in WBT Finals -Comes in 2nd Place in the Australian Masters

Last week, I competed in the Australian Adult Championships and the Australian Masters at AMF Rooty Hill bowling center, just outside of Sydney.

As mentioned previously, the Australian Adult Championships consisted of three games of team, doubles and singles and you could re-enter as many times as you'd like in the doubles and singles portions of the tournament. Also, an interesting twist, your top two doubles and or singles scores counted towards advancing to the Australian Masters.

I bowled well in my first set of singles, shooting 254, 214 and 212 for 681 using a Columbia 300 Omen. The next day I bowled team event with Kelly Kulick, Carol Gianotti, and Amanda and Kylie from Australia. We shot 2916 scratch for our 5-person team. I bowled games of 224, 213 and 245 for a 682 series using a Hammer jet Black Taboo.

Our team - Amanda, Carol, Kelly, Kylie and myself

Later that same day, I also bowled in a doubles squad with Carol Gianotti. She held me up, as we shot 1284. I shot 607.

The next day, I bowled with my roommate Kelly Kulick in doubles, as well as bowling in another singles squad. The singles squad didn't go all that well as I shot 623. However, the doubles squad we both bowled well shooting 1331 and winning first place in the doubles portion of the tournament. I shot games of 175, 232 and 245 for a 652 using my Ebonite Innovate.

Kelly and I having fun in Sydney

I bowled another singles squad the following day and had a great set. I used my Ebonite Innovate, playing pretty direct and shot games of 269, 248 and 208 for a clean set, shooting 725. This number combined with my previously bowled 681 score put me in 2nd place for the Australian Masters qualifying, which was enough to win 2 byes into the finals.

I didn't have to bowl the first day of the finals because I had received two byes from my qualifying scores. So I watched the finals a bit to get an idea for the next day and had an early night and headed to bed, as I woke up sick that morning.

Round 3 of the finals (which is where I was automatically seeded into) consisted of 6 games of qualifying and then the field of 16 bowlers were cut to the top 8 bowlers for head-to-head single elimination, best of 3 game matches.

In Round 3, I started out the gates very well using my Columbia 300 Omen, shooting games of 247, 233 and 247. Then I struggled a bit with the transition and shot 180, 201 and 189 for 1297, which was good enough for 3rd place. So I advanced to the top 8 finals.

In my first match, I faced Kristel Oh Shao Jing from Singapore. In the single elimination, best of 3 games format, I knew I needed to start out of the gates very well. I shot 255 the first game, defeating Kristel's 158. The second game, I again won shooting 220 to her 171.

In the next round, the top 4 players were left. I bowled Kate Pilkington from Australia. This match was much closer. However, I defeated Kate 222 to 185 in the first game and again defeated her 220 to 207 in the second game.

This put me in the championship match against Diandra Asbaty, who had just defeated Carol Gianotti in a very close match that went to 3 games. The final match was again best of 3 and it was live streamed, which was an added bonus for my family, friends and fans back home wanting to watch all of the action.

In the championship match, I didn't have as good of a look as I had all day and didn't carry too well, leaving a couple pocket 7-10s in the middle of both games. In the first game, I needed to strike the first ball in the 10th frame to win the game and I didn't throw it well, leaving a 2 pin. Then in the next game, Diandra starting striking a lot and I starting striking in the middle of the game, but was stopped by another 7-10 that ended my chances, thus coming in 2nd place.

Overall, I had an amazing week and met a lot of really nice people! I came in 2nd place in the Australian Masters, winning $7,500. I also won singles, all-events, doubles with Kelly Kulick and came in 3rd place with Carol Gianotti in doubles in the Australian Adult Championships. The 2nd place finish also earned me 40 points for the World Bowling Tour, which secured my top seed position for the World Bowling Tour TV show.

Congratulations to Diandra Asbaty and Jason Belmonte on their wins at the Australian Masters!

Kelly, Carol and I at the Awards dinner at the end of the tournament

Missy Having Fun in Australia!

Last week, I competed in the Australian Adult Championships and the Australian Masters at AMF Rooty Hill bowling center, just outside of Sydney.

Prior to competing in the tournament, I spent a couple of days sightseeing in Sydney. I stayed in Darling Harbour, which was very convenient as it's within walking distance of all of the major attractions. I first went to the Sydney Opera House and took a tour of the magnificent structure. I could seriously sit and look at it all day! I actually didn't know that the Opera House consists of 5 theaters total and two main theaters. I'd absolutely LOVE to see a symphony there one day!

After the opera house, I went to Taronga Zoo. It's situated across the harbor from the opera house, so I had to take a ferry to get there. On the ferry, I got the most amazing views of the entire Sydney skyline! The zoo was a lot of fun and I especially loved seeing the kangaroos and Koalas! 

After the zoo, I was brave and took the public bus system, which is very nice but a little confusing to use. I went to Bondi Beach. Bondi Beach is Australia's surf haven. The waves were pretty big and there were plenty of surfers and bodyboarders riding the waves. I also got an amazing gelato at Bondi Beach! It was the flavor of my FAVORITE candy bar in the entire world - Bounty! Super yummy! 

After the beach, I walked around Circular Quay and the harbor by the Opera House as the sun was setting. It was a really hot day and I did get a little sunburned, but I had an amazing time! 

The next day, I walked around Darling Harbour and went up the Sydney Tower, which offered amazing views of the entire city! I also visited the Chinese Friendship Garden and Queen Victoria Building, an old but gorgeous building offering high-end shopping. In the afternoon, I then headed to Rooty Hill for the tournament. 

View from the Sydney Tower

Chinese Friendship Garden