Saturday, May 26, 2012

Missy Heading to Chicago to Compete in PBA Summer Shootout

I'm heading to Chicago over Memorial Day weekend to compete in the PBA Summer Shootout as a member of Team 900 Global.

We are defending our team title, so it should be a fun weekend filled with lots of excitement! Team 900 Global will be comprised of fellow staffers Robert Smith and Hall of Famer Brian Voss.

If you are in the Chicago area and free on either Monday and/or Tuesday come on down to 10pin bowling lounge in downtown Chicago and experience all of the action LIVE! Admission for watching the TV tapings is FREE! Tapings start on Monday at noon and Tuesday at 1pm.

I will post actual TV air dates in a later blog. However, the shows will start to air on Saturday, July 7th on ESPN.

Go TEAM 900 GLOBAL!!!!

2011 PBA Team Shootout - Team 900 Global Champions!!!

Missy Surprises Junior Bowlers at Mira Mesa Lanes

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to surprise the junior bowlers at Mira Mesa Lanes in San Diego by attending their end of the season awards day. Myself, Steve Smith, Laura Hardeman, Michele Carter, Lindsy Staley and James Hall all came down to pass out awards to the junior bowlers, recognizing their amazing accomplishments over the league season.

Special guests with the Junior Bowling Coaches of Mira Mesa Lanes

After passing out the awards, we walked around to all of the bowlers, signed autographs, took pictures and offered advice.

Junior League Coordinator Christy Balla puts on an outstanding junior program on Saturday mornings with over 100 kids in the program ranging from bumper bowlers to an impressive scratch bowling league.  

The junior bowlers surprised Christy with a special collage during the awards ceremony.

It always refreshing to see so much young talent! 
I'm very happy that I could be a part of their special day!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Missy Finishes in 5th place at the LBO Ladies Bowling Tour Stop #2

This week, I was graciously invited to compete in the LBO Ladies Bowling Tour Stop #2 tournament sponsored by DHC in Chiba City, Japan. The tournament was held at Asahi bowling center, a 46-lane wood center built in 1971.

The tournament format features 12 games of qualifying the first day, then a cut to the top 14 players. The next day is 14 games of round robin match play, then another cut to the top 8 players. Then the final day is 8 more games of round robin match play and a top 4 stepladder final.

I started off very well in the tournament, shooting games of 258 and 213. Then in my third game, I started stringing lots of strikes. Before I knew it, I had the front 9. Well, in the LBO tournaments, if you have the first 9 strikes, they get over the loud speaker and announce it so everyone can go and watch you bowl the 10th frame. So there I was with the front 9 strikes and I hear my name over the loud speaker amiss the Japanese (as if the front 9 wasn't nerve racking enough.) So the entire bowling center stops bowling to watch my 10th frame. I threw 3 very good shots and struck out shooting my 24th 300 game (1st in Japan), using my 900 Global Bank Roll. I wasn't aware that there was a prize for shooting a 300 game during regular competition. So when the tournament director immediately came down with a nice big size check with 100,000 yen (approximately $1,200) on it, that was a nice added bonus! The rest of qualifying didn't go so well, as I struggled to carry the rest of the day. I ended up only +115 after the 14 games and qualified in 12th position.

The next day, I was informed that I had made it in to the Daily Sports newspaper, a rather big sports publication, for shooting my 300 game. That was pretty cool and I picked up a couple of copies to keep.

During the 14 games of round robin match play it seemed that everyone was shooting their best games at me, as I was pretty high up there in the scratch totals for the day, but couldn't win many matches. I ended up the day 7-6-1 but shot +310 scratch and I had moved up into 6th place, making the top 8 (see photo below.)

I was about 200 pins out of the top 4 stepladder to start the day, so I knew I needed to bowl really well to make the finals. I started out shooting 243 and 222 winning both matches. Then I hit a really bad pair and shot 164! Then I won my next 4 straight matches with games of 226, 186, 217 and 254. I had moved into 5th position with one game to go and was 94 pins from 4th place. I needed to shoot a big game and win my match to jump into the final stepladder position. I bowled a great game, not missing the pocket, but couldn't carry the 10 pin on one lane and shot 206 and lost. So I was 6-2 for the day and shot +118 scratch, missing 4th place by 75 pins.

Although I was happy with how I physically bowled, especially the last two days of the tournament, I was disappointed in not making the stepladder finals, as it was the first time in all 5 of my trips to Japan that I did not make the final stepladder.

A BIG congratulations to Yuka Tsuchiya for capturing the title and for leading the entire tournament pretty much from start to finish!

It was such an honor to be invited back to Japan! I love seeing all of my friends that I have made over these past 3 years. I always enjoy visiting Japan, eating the yummy food and seeing the beautiful country! A huge thank you to LBO Ladies Bowling Tour, DHC and the ladies of LBO!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Follow Missy's Progress in LBO Tournament in Japan

Watch Missy Parkin's progress as she competes in the LBO Ladies Bowling Tour Stop #2 tournament at Asahi Bowling Center in Chiba city, Japan. The tournament begins on Friday, May 11th and continues through Sunday, May 13th.

You can watch LIVE UStream of the tournament by visiting Everything is in Japanese, but the Ustream is easy to find on the homepage. 

Tournament schedule:

Friday, May 11th - 11:30am to 1:30pm qualifying block 1
                                1:55pm to 3:55pm qualifying block 2

Saturday, May 12th - 11:30am to 1:50pm quarter finals (round robin)
                                    2:15pm to 4:35pm quarter finals (round robin)

Sunday, May 13th - 11:30am to 2:10pm semi finals (round robin)

                                  3:00pm to 4:45pm TV Step Ladder

(Reminder all times listed are Japan time zone, which is 16hrs ahead of California/pacific time zone)