Thursday, December 3, 2009

Missy Shoots 300 with New Bounty Hunter Pearl

Last night, I shot 300 using the NEW 900 Global Bounty Hunter Pearl. I shot my 19th perfecto while bowling in my "fun" league with my parents and fiancee at Saddleback Lanes in Mission Viejo, CA. The NEW 900 Global Bounty Hunter Pearl would be an awesome addition to anyone's game. The already highly sought after and successful Bounty Hunter, now has a pearl duo to compliment it and is now available. The Bounty Hunter Pearl rolls up nice in the mid-lane and has a STRONG arc motion, which is hard to find in a pearl cover. The Bounty Hunter Pearl will allow you to use a pearl cover in more oily-medium conditions, providing a strong hook and powerful hit. There is also an added bonus to buying both the Bounty Hunter and Bounty Hunter Pearl. Both balls are part of a $50,000 reward to bowlers shooting a 300 game using either ball. For complete rules, see: Christmas is just around the corner, so be sure to ask Santa for a Bounty Hunter Pearl! ;) I hope all of you are getting ready for the holidays and enjoying all of the festivities involved with finding the perfect gift, getting that amazing tree and putting up Christmas lights. Happy Holidays!