Sunday, October 21, 2012

Missy Competing in the Australian Championships and Australian Masters

This week I am competing in the 51st Australian Championships and Australian Masters at Rooty Hill Bowling Center just outside Sydney, Australia.

The Australian Championships consist of Team, Doubles and Singles events with each event consisting of three games. You can re-enter as many doubles and singles squads as you'd like. However, the added catch is that your highest two blocks of singles and/or doubles count towards qualifying for the Australian Masters. The Australian Masters is the last stop of the World Bowling Tour.

This tournament is the final deciding factor in seeding for the Women's World Bowling Tour finals, which will be contested in Las Vegas during the World Series of Bowling next month. Currently, I am leading the Women's World Bowling Tour with 329 points, only 10 points ahead of Kelly Kulick at 319 points. Liz Johnson has locked up 3rd place for the TV show with 295 points.

The Australian Masters start on Friday, October 26th.

To check out tournament details and results during the week, click here.

Columbia 300 Vienna Open

In front of the Vienna Opera House

Recently, I competed in the Columbia 300 Vienna Open at Plus Bowling Center in Vienna, Austria. Coming straight from Thailand to bowl this event, I flew in on Tuesday, but choose not to bowl a squad until Wednesday.

The qualifying portion of the tournament consists of 6-game blocks. You can re-enter as many times as you’d like and the top 64 make the cut, including those making it through in the one-game desperado squad and squad leaders from the first two days of qualifying.

The other unique part about this tournament is that it is also a doubles event. So every squad you have a doubles partner that you are bowling with to try and cash for extra prizes, but your singles scores only count towards making the finals. You can bowl with as many people as you’d like and can cash multiple times in the doubles portion, but may only cash once with the same doubles partner. A little confusing…

My first squad, I bowled with Kelly Kulick. I did not bowl well that set, but did figure out a few things about the conditions and what balls to use, etc. Kelly bowled very well shooting +160, which would be high enough to make the cut.

I then bowled again that same day with Scott Norton. Although I figured out a few things, I was having trouble carrying and didn’t score as well as I felt I had bowled, shooting games of 236, 180, 201, 200, 194 and 194 for 1205 scratch (1253 with my 8 pins of handicap per game.) The bowling center has twister pins, making the carry very difficult at times. I left more 9 pins that week then I think I have left in almost a year (or at least it felt that way.) It was pretty ridiculous. Scott didn’t fair too well that squad either.

The next day, I again bowled two squads, so 12 games in all. The first squad I shot 204, 245, 186, 219, 203 and 204 for a total of 1309 with my handicap. I decided to bowl again as this total score was expected to be VERY close to the cut number. I again bowled with Scott in the doubles portion. This time I bowled really well using my Ebonite Game Breaker, Ebonite Innovate and Hammer blue cobalt Vibe. I shot games of 274, 221, 205, 224, 222 and then ended on a bad note shooting 168. However, I did have enough to make the finals, shooting 1362 with my handicap.

Scott and I decided to take the next day off from bowling and went sightseeing in Vienna. We had an original schnitzel which is breaded veal, pork or chicken and is super yummy! 

We saw quite a few sights that day including St. Peter’s church, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Hofbron Palace, Parliament, City Hall, Votive Church and ran into an outdoor small market. It was a lot of fun!

In front of the City Hall building in Vienna

On Saturday, we were again at the bowling center. I didn’t bowl again, as I already had enough to make the cut. However, I watched how the lanes were and cheered on Scott while he was bowling. The cut ended up being only 1309 (+109) with the lane conditions as tough as they were and with the twister pins not helping the situation. I will say, it was very easy to bowl a bad game by simply hitting a bad pair, opening and then not being able to carry.

The next day was the finals. Everyone making the cut, with the exception of the top 8 bowlers from qualifying, bowled 6 games and the field was then cut to the top 22 players. In the finals, I couldn’t get matched up quite right and struggled to carry. I shot 187, 222, 165, 179, 196 and 200 shooting 1197 with my handicap. The scores were pretty low across the board, with 1260 (+60) making the cut.

I didn’t advance and thus finished the tournament in 44th place for both men and women. Congratulations to Chris Barnes on an outstanding performance. He took home the title and received a PBA title for the win, as the tournament was part of the World Bowling Tour and thus now awards a PBA title.

After the tournament was over, the tournament hosted an after party commemorating the 10th anniversary of the tournament’s existence. It was a lot of fun and everyone had a great time.

The day after the tournament, Scott and I decided to stay an extra day to go sightseeing. So we again ventured into Vienna and saw many of its magnificent sites. We toured the Vienna Opera house, which was incredible and even had the chance to go backstage. We then took a tour of Schonbrunn Palace, which is very big and gorgeous. Afterwards, we visited one of Mozart’s apartments and finished the day in the center of the city buying souvenirs and window shopping.
Schonbrunn Palace

Although the bowling didn’t go as well as I had hoped, I did have a lot of fun visiting the incredible City of Vienna.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Missy Takes Over Lead in World Bowling Tour Rankings after Thailand

Last week, I competed in the World Bowling Tour Thailand Stop at Blu O Paragon in Bangkok, the 10th stop on the World Bowling Tour.

I had such a great time sightseeing, experiencing the culture, meeting new people and eating the yummy food. While in Thailand, I had the opportunity to visit Ayutthaya, the old capital of Thailand that is a city full of temples.

I visited two temples, was able to experience many of the rituals of the Buddhist religion, had the most amazing pad thai I've ever tasted, and got to feed and ride an elephant. It was an amazing week!

As far as the bowling goes...I qualified for the finals with my highest 9 games totaling +283. I did not receive any byes into the finals and therefore had to compete in the first round of the finals. I started out very strong, stringing the front 8 strikes the first game using my Columbia Wicked Encounter, shooting 266. I followed it up with a 236 and 237. Then hit a very tight pair and shot 177. I came back with a 218 and ended the block with a 183 for 1365 (with my 8 pin per game handicap.) I was leading that finals squad for most of the day, but ended up in 5th place and qualified for the next round, as the top 10 players advanced.

The next round of the finals, all pins were dropped and 26 bowlers competed for the top 12 spots to advance to the next round. The next finals round also consisted of 6 games. I struggled this round to find a consistent line and carry. I shot 203, 178, 183, 203, 201 and 214. I ended up missing the cut to the next round by only 48 pins. The scores were very low for this round. Although I was bummed that I hadn't qualified for the next round, I was happy with my first performance using Ebonite International products, finishing in 28th place (for both men and women.)

The major accomplishment for the week was gaining 35 points in the World Bowling Tour for competing in this event. Those points propelled me to take over the lead in the World Bowling Tour Rankings for 2012 with only two more stops remaining.

Check out the standings of the World Bowling Tour.