Sunday, June 29, 2008

Vacation in Sedona, AZ

On the way back from bowling the USBC Open Championships in Albuquerque, I stopped in the sacred city of Sedona, AZ.

While in Sedona, I went on the popular Pink Jeep tour. I did the Broken Arrow and Scenic Rim combo tour, which I highly recommend. This 4x4 pink jeep took us off-roading up in the stunning red rocks of Sedona. We climbed up rock formations, road next to cliffs and drove down a 45 degree angle trail called "the road of no return".

Check out the pics!

Friday, June 27, 2008

USBC Open Championships - Albuquerque, NM

Hello everyone!

This week, I drove to Albuquerque, NM to bowl the USBC Open Championships. The 12-hour drive, complete with a few pretty cool scattered thunder and lightening storms, was well worth the trip!

On Tuesday, I bowled two squads of the Bowler's Journal tournament, just to practice and shot 830 and 813 (for four games). The lanes were really difficult, so I was happy with my scores, even though I didn't cash in the tournament.

Then on Wednesday, we bowled the Sport Shot Challenge and I shot 457 for 2 games and cashed in the daily event.

Afterwards, we bowled team event and shot 3155! The team consisted of (from left to right in the photo) myself, Bryan Norton, Hall of Famer Virginia Norton, Scott Norton and my dad Frank Bellinder. We are currently in 36th place! I shot 710 in team event and broke the clean 30 pot!

On Thursday, we bowled doubles and singles at 7am! Yes, we bowled at 7am and that meant we had to be at the convention center at 6am! I am NOT a morning person, so bowling at 7am wasn't too fun! Keeping my eyes open was a bit of a challenge! LOL!

I didn't fair as well and shot 627 in doubles with my dad, and we shot 1191 as a doubles team. I then shot 577 in singles. So my all events total was 1914.

Stay posted for more blogs on my vacation trip home...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rohnert Park PBA Regional Event

Hello everyone!

This weekend I drove up north to Rohnert Park, CA to bowl in the PBA West/Northwest Regions Double Decker Lanes Open. It's an 8 hour drive from Fullerton to Rohnert Park, so I broke up the trip by driving to my friend Scott's house in San Francisco (which is only an hour-and-a-half away from the tournament).

Rohnert Park is very close to the wine country area of Northern California. So after the tournament Scott and I drove to a few wineries and also drove home using the scenic Hwy1 coastal road. Check out the pics above.

As far as the tournament goes... we bowled on Chameleon and the lanes were pretty tough. I started out with a 236 and then never shot 200 again, with my low game being 180. The cut was -20! I was close to the cut even up until the last game, but I fell short. The problem was not that the lanes were too hard or that I wasn't throwing the right ball. The problem was that I wasn't executing well.

So i'm actually glad I missed the cut this weekend. I know that sounds really weird. However it gave me a quick reality check that I need to practice and work on my game more. So I fixed some things in my game and have been practicing and working out a lot ever since. I guess the point of my blog being that bowling bad isn't always a bad thing; sometimes you just really need a humbling experience to get you back on track.

Missy featured in US Youth Bowler Magazine

Missy wrote an article for the summer edition of the US Youth Bowler magazine. The article gave tips on how youth bowlers can better prepare for tournaments.

The US Youth Bowler magazine is distributed to every sanctioned USBC youth bowler.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Fun in the Sun - Southern California Style!

Today my best friend, Scott Norton and I went to our favorite hangout spot - Huntington Beach!

Unlike many Southern Californians, I would rather actually do something at the beach, rather than just layout and catch some rays.

So one of my favorite ways to cross-train is to go bodyboarding. Check out the pics of Scott and I hanging loose on some waves at Surf City U.S.A. - Huntington Beach.

Missy Featured in Titan Magazine - Alumni Publication for CSU, Fullerton

Missy was featured in the summer edition of the Titan Magazine, an alumni publication for CSU, Fullerton. The publication goes out to all CSU, Fullerton alumni, which is comprised of over 180,000 graduates.

The article highlighted Missy's bowling career and student memories of CSU, Fullerton. Two pictures accompanied the full page article.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

PBA Camarillo Bowl Open and the week of fun!


This week, I had a visitor! My friend Shalin Zulkifli from Malaysia flew in to visit me for a few weeks and bowl a few regional tournaments.

On Wednesday, Shalin and I went to an Angel's game (as seen in the pic above, along with my best friend Scott Norton). Although the Angels got creamed, we still had a good time!

This weekend was also the Harley's Camarillo Bowl Open. I was on a mission to defend my first regional title, but unfortunately fell short. =( I made the first cut but missed matchplay.

However, despite the unfortunate scoring in the tournament, Shalin, Scott and I managed to have an awesome weekend shopping at the outlet malls in Camarillo! We also saw "Sex and the City" the movie and it was awesome! I highly recommend it!
Then we finished the weekend off by playing a round of miniature golf. I hadn't played in 5 years and Shalin had never played before. It was a lot of fun, even though I got a little sunburned. LOL!
I hope everyone had a great weekend!