Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


I hope everyone had a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend! This weekend was awesome! I am actually at home now for awhile and just going to be bowling PBA regional tournaments and other local tournaments on the weekends.

I spent my long Memorial Day weekend shopping one day! LOTS of big sales! (And BTW I'm not the type of girl that goes shopping all of the time, so it's a big thing for me when I do go. LOL!)

Then on Sunday, I headed down to San Diego to bowl in the Joel Reyes Memorial tournament. Joel was an awesome bowler in the Southern California area and he passed away last year way before his time! There were different events all weekend, but I only bowled in the scratch 8-gamer event on Sunday. A LOT of people showed up to bowl, which was awesome! I ended up coming in 4th place overall.

After bowling, my dad and I headed down to Seaport Village, one of my favorite place's in San Diego. We had lunch and walked around a few of the shops.
There's one store that I ALWAYS have to go in and that's the Wyland gallery. He's my favorite artist and has several galleries all over the country. He specializes in painting sea life of all kinds and his works are amazing (check out . Well, he was actually there at the gallery showing off his new releases (see pic above). I had been to several of his galleries but never seen him in person, so that made my day!!!!!!!!!

And today was the best day of the whole long weekend! I spent the day with my family. I haven't been home in awhile, so it was great to just hang out with everyone! I took my nephews bowling and then we had a BBQ.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Missy Visits Lemoore Naval Air Station

Hello everyone!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Lemoore Naval Air Station. I travelled to scorching hot central California to visit with the bowlers of Tailhook Lanes, the Navy base's 12-lane bowling center.

After a warm welcome by the junior strikers bowling program, parents and other intrigued bowlers, I signed autographs, took pictures and answered LOTS of questions.

I then put on a junior bowling clinic followed by an adult bowling clinic.

A big thanks to Douglas Robertson and bowling center manager, Delores Noland for inviting me to spend the day with the bowlers of Tailhook Lanes at Lemoore Naval Air Station! I truly enjoyed it!

If anyone is interested in having me travel to their bowling center and put on a clinic, sign autographs, etc. please contact me at

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Missy Featured in the Detroit News - Front Page of the Sports Section

Check out the article in the Detroit News regarding the Queens tournament!

Missy Featured in U.S. Women's Open Commercial

Hello Everyone!

For those of you that watched the LIVE Queens show, you may have seen the U.S. Women's Open commercial.

It will air more throughout the summer.

Check out the final commercial and see if you can recognize me! LOL!

Queens Final Results!!!


For those of you that watched the Queens action online, thank you for the support!

Here's a recap of the week at Queens in Detroit, MI:

After 10 games of qualifying I lead the 340-bowler field with +206. After the 5 games of semi-finals I finished in 3rd place and then was seated into the bracket style double-elimination matchplay finals.

I won my first match against veteran Linda Kelly 632-585. My next match ended up being really close and I squeezed out a win against Kathy Tribbey 602-599. My 3rd match I defeated Marcia Kloempken 637-575, after being down 54 pins after one game!

My next match was crucial! It was the match to determine who would make the TV show. I was paired up against Liz Johnson. Being down 50 pins going into the last game, I threw the front 10 at Liz, but she shot 258, locking me out. I lost with a 733 to her 754.

From there I went into the losers bracket and won my first match and then lost my next match.

I finished in the 7th-8th spot in the tournament.

Lynda Barnes came out victorious defeating Amy Stolz in the LIVE TV show finals.