Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Missy Defends Title, Winning PWBA Parkin's Bowling Supply Open

This weekend, I competed in the PWBA Parkin's Bowling Supply Open at Bowlium Lanes in Montclair, CA. The tournament featured a PWBA women's division, along with a PBA regular division and PBA50 division.

Being the defending champion, along with having the season PBA West Women's Points on the line, I knew I needed to have a  good week.

Immediately following the practice session, we held an EBI Demo for all of the latest Columbia 300, Hammer, Track and Ebonite bowling balls. Thank you to Jake Peters, Buddy Lucas and everyone that assisted in making the demo a success for Parkin's Bowling Supply.

The next morning, the women started our 8 games of qualifying. This weekend, we competed on the 43' PBA Regional Chameleon pattern. I started off using my pin down Track Heat Xtreme playing straight and outside and shot 235. I then moved a zone inside and switched to my Columbia 300 Delirium Shock and shot games of 202, 213, 234 and 212. With the heads breaking down pretty quick, I need to then switch to my Hammer Rebel and shot 237, 202 and 236 for +171 overall. This put me 120 pins in the lead over 2nd place.

The field was then cut to the top 6 ladies. The next day, we bowled 6 games of round robin match play, with the winner of each match earning 30 bonus pins.

I started out strong shooting 225 and winning game 1. However, I then struggled my next two games losing shooting 178 and 179. The scores were then getting a little closer as Laura Lee Daniel starting shooting big games and winning all of her matches. I then switched to my Hammer Rebel and won my next two matches, shooting 238 and 247.

Going into the final position round game, I was 83 pins ahead of Laura Lee. So with bonus pins, she would need to win the match and beat me by 54 pins to win the title. I shot a clean 218, losing the game to her 233, but hanging on to the title by 38 pins.

Congratulations to Michael Haugen Jr. for winning the PBA Regional Event and to Derek Gregory for winning his 1st PBA title, capturing the PBA50 event.

I'd like to thank Scott and Teresa Poddig for hosting the PBA/PWBA Regional at Bowlium Lanes for the past few years. Sunday marked their last day of ownership of Bowlium Lanes. From myself, Drew and the entire staff of Parkin's Bowling Supply, we'd like to wish Scott and Teresa much success in their future endeavors!

Until next time...