Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Go Bowling PWBA Players Championship

This past week, I traveled to Green Bay, WI for the Go Bowling PWBA Players Championship held at Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley. I was happy to be able to bring my hubby along and show him a little bit of the area.

We arrived late on Tuesday night. Having most of the day Wednesday prior to the practice session, I took Drew to Titletown Brew Pub, which is one of the most popular brew pubs in the country. Built inside of an old train depot, the decor is fabulous, food is amazing, and I highly recommend the home-brewed sno cap root beer.

After lunch, we ventured to Bay Beach and stopped by the amusement park and took a stroll along the bay. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get in a tour of Lambeau Field.

We then had our practice session, followed by a unique pro-am event, in which we did cosmic bowling. That was a first for me! I had so much fun bowling, especially with my friends from the Greater Green Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau.

This week, the oil pattern wasn't posted for the event. The format for this week was also slightly different. We bowled three 6-game blocks of qualifying. The field was then cut to the top 16 for round robin match play, with the winner of each match earning 30 bonus pins. After all 32 games, the top 4 would make the LIVE TV show.

The next morning, we started our first 6 games of qualifying. I struggled game 1, shooting 154. I then switched to my New Hammer Diesel and shot 209. The lanes broke down quickly and I then switched to a newly drilled pin down Hammer Scandal Pearl and shot 192, 194, 205 and 196 for -50, which put me in 43rd place overall. Unfortunately my carry percentage wasn't great, so it was hard for me to make up for the bad start.

The next round, I started with my Hammer Diesel and shot 198. I then switched to my Scandal Pearl for a 176 and 199. I struggled game 4 to find a line and shot 169. I then switched to a pin down Phenom Pearl and shot 179 and 210 for -119 overall, which dropped me down to 44th place. Definitely a frustrating day, but at least I was able to end it o a positive note.

The next morning, I knew I needed to execute and shoot a big block just to cash, let alone have an outside chase of making the top 18 cut. Going into the final block of qualifying, the current cut to the top 18, was +32. I started off on the high end of the bowling center and used my Hammer Diesel to shoot 246 game 1. I then had to make the turn to the low end of the bowling center and shot 206 and 204. I followed it up with a 247 game. 

My scores put me close to the top 18 cut, needing two good games to finish off the block. The lanes started to transition and I switched to my Phenom Pearl and shot 185 leaving a stone 8 pin my second shot in the 10th, which cost me a double and 10 extra pins. 

My last game, I bowled really well, but didn't carry enough shooting 210 for +98 for the block. This put me at -21 overall. I ended up coming in 24th, cashing in the tournament, but missing the cut to the top 18 by 25 pins.

This week was a great lesson in never giving up. I was 151 pins out of making the cut and 58 pins away from cashing when the day started. With some great execution and confidence in my ability, I was able to pull everything together and make a great comeback. I am very proud of that.

HUGE thank you to Dave and Matt, amazing proprietors from Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley and Joel from the GGCVB for all of their hard work and gracious hospitality during the Go Bowling PWBA Players Championship! It's always a pleasure to visit Green Bay!

This week also marks the last stop for my Malaysian friends. Very sad to see them go, especially my old roomie Shalin Zulkifli. 

Time to head home for a few days, rest and relax and then it's on to Orlando! #PWBA  

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Anonymous said...

True example of it's not over until it's over. Great comeback sorry you didn't make the 18th cut but you came back and spent bonding time sightseeing.