Monday, May 7, 2018

2018 PWBA Sonoma County Open

For our second stop of the PWBA season, we travelled to Double Decker Lanes in Rohnert Park, CA for the PWBA Sonoma County Open.

Although it’s only a 7 hour drive, I choose to fly this year because of traveling with my little guy. It was DJ’s first flight and he did awesome! 

This week, we bowled on a 36’ pattern with 26 mL on curve conditioner. Here’s a look at the pattern.

Knowing this bowling center, I knew it would be a lower scoring pace since moving from pair to pair is very difficult. 

My first block of qualifying was definitely a bit of a roller coaster. I started out using my Paradox Black with 1000 grit and shot 174 to start. I brought it back with games of 228 and 223, but then followed it up with 186 and 159. 

Making the turn to the low end of the house, I switched to my Hammer Rhodman Pearl and shot 212 and 204, but struggled the last game shooting 169 for -45 overall. I was currently the cut number to the top 32.

After a nice relaxing lunch and a quick nap, I bowled another 8-game block of qualifying before the field would be cut to the top 32. 

This time, I started with my Hammer Diesel and shot 172 to start. I then brought it back shooting 215, 218 and 236, but then hit a bit of transition and shot 166. Switching to my Paradox Black, I Shot 192 and then switched to the Rhodman Pearl for 203 and 225 to end the day at -18. This put me in 21st place going into the Round of 32. It took -65 to make the cut.

The next morning, we bowled another 8-game block for the Round of 32. My goal was to minimize my low games and simply work on execution. Well I did just that. I used my Paradox Black to shoot 201, 205, 212 and 212. I was slowly climbing closer to the cut for the top 12. 

I then switched to my Hammer Diesel and shot 223 and 204. Then switching again to my Rhodman Pearl, I struck out in the 8th, 9th and 10th to shot 217 and was the cut number going into the last game. 

Unfortunately, I lost my look a bit and struggled a little with execution the final game. I needed to strike my first shot in the 10th frame to make the cut to the top 12 and failed to do so. I shot 190 which put me at +64 for the day and +46 overall. I missed the cut my 11 pins. 

So I finished the tournament in 13th place. I’m disappointed for not making the top 12, but very happy with my execution as the lanes were very difficult and I made a lot of great shots and kept the ball in play. Although it’s not where I quite want to be yet, it was definitely a far better week than my 1st week in Las Vegas. 

Now it’s on to next week, where I get to stay close to home for the PWBA Fountain Valley Open. 

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